Selfmade Bracelets

 Selfmade Bracelets was founded with the sole purpose of creating simplistic elegance. We believe it is more difficult to be elegant than to be bold. Elegance can only be achieved through knowledge and experience, the result of the hard work you put in your wardrobe choices. At Selfmade Bracelets we design, create and ship our entire collection from Bruges, Belgium. From the  selection of our materials to the finished product we take a quality-detailed approach, the kind of approach that is expected from any handmade product in Belgium. All orders are carefully inspected to ensure it meets our requirements and the customer’s instructions, our goal is not only to match your expectations but to impress your desires.

We empathize with our customers because we know that the number one concern is not how well the product looks on our website, the questions are: Is this a quality product? Is it going to last? We assure you our products are of the highest quality, our promise of lifetime warranty is not only aimed at our client’s peace of mind, our craftsmanship is a process in which we take pride.